Ottawa County, it’s time for

Unified Political Action.

Families in Ottawa County prioritize faith, family, and work. These are the proper priorities! We understand political action is important, but not a first priority. That is why the Education PAC exists – to combine and amplify the small contributions of thousands of Ottawa County families to make a huge impact for liberty!


We are 100% focused on Ottawa County.

Allendale, Coopersville, Grand Haven, Hamilton, Holland, Hudsonville, Jenison, Spring Lake, West Ottawa, Zeeland.


We have a long-term problem. It needs a long-term solution.

You know the issues: critical race theory, forced masking and health measures, sexualized books and radical sex ed, lack of respect for Parental Rights, etc.

We’ve tried asking nicely and extended grace in chaotic times. We’ve dealt with mandates and masks.

We discovered that no amount of emails, comments, or messages will move elected officials who lack a moral compass or courage to protect our children and liberty.

Who are we?

We are an ally and resource for parent and community groups with shared values and goals, as well as shared obstacles, who will benefit from helping each other.

  • Coalition of parents, grandparents, students, teachers, pastors, business owners, elected officials, and more.
  • Coalition of parent groups with students in public, private, and home schools in Allendale, Coopersville, Grand Haven, Hamilton, Holland, Hudsonville, Jenison, Spring Lake, West Ottawa, and Zeeland.

What can I do?

Please join us! We are uniting the efforts of groups in Ottawa County that have similar goals, especially parental rights.

A single voice is easily ignored. Thousands of unified voices cannot be ignored, especially if they work together to replace leaders who are not listening to people’s concerns.

We will support candidates who oppose indoctrination, mask and health mandates, milquetoastery, and government overreach into parental rights. The PAC will help find and endorse new leaders who will be vetted for adherence to principles of freedom, common sense, and the Constitution, as well as a love for America and the Judeo-Christian values our country was founded on.

For Liberty,

Joe Moss
Executive Director